—You really have no idea when is the proper time to shut up, do you? Clearly I need to open your insides and determine if they are indeed warm and fuzzy unless you wish to repent for your annoying blathering and interferences in my test runs.

So I’ve been told. 

I’m pretty sure a dead body would be even more of an interference than blathering, unless your test runs require a corpse.  Besides, how could you dissect a nice face like mine?  It’d be a travesty!  The world would weep at the loss.  


Still— Still you continue to words as if they had any wit at Maximus, even in the grasp of my mighty machines?!


Spider, do you have any sorts of inclinations towards self preservation or is this going to turn into an assisted suicide? I rather not do you the pleasure.

You say mighty machines, but— again- I think you might be missing one.  An important one.  And soap.

Is that a threat, or are you admitting you like me better alive?  I’m touched, really.  Gone all warm and fuzzy inside.



Consider your naivety a blessing on
this day, Earther. If I thought you any
more intelligent, I would have cut out
your tongue for such an insult. 

Okay, okay, not a Skrull!  My mistake!
Do you have a name, or should I shut up and run away before you slice and dice me for asking too many questions?


Peter Parker Spider-Man #75 (1996), written by Howard Mackie, art by John Romita Jr & Scott Hanna, colors by Kevin Tinsley



You make me sad.

Over…ride?  It’s on the tip of my tongue.

And here I thought the secret invasion was over.


What kind of Skrull are you?

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i take back all the tag hearts i just gave you goodbye shoo get out of my sight

Look, I know this is pot-kettle, but have you ever seen a washing machine in your life?


I’ve got some experience, if you need help.  See, you keep the reds out of the whites—

Have we met?  You seem familiar.


Don’t tell me, I know this.  It’s… Ironhide?  Overhaul?